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Occupational Safety (HSE)



Occupational safety and health of an employee is important matters that are to be taken into consideration not only at the concrete production plants and during the concrete production, but also during the concrete transportation and pouring.

The majority of industrial accidents in the concrete sector, which is considered significant industry in the construction sector, occurs during the concrete pouring.

That is why, the transmixers and pumps operators are to be strictly informed about possible, expected risks of the accidents that may occur during the concrete pouring, as well about the measures to be taken related to this.

When we talk about the safety of the works during the concrete pouring, first of all, the attention is to be paid to the matters listed below:


- All the conditions are to be provided for safe transportation of the concrete to the territory where it shall be used (road conditions, vehicle safety);

- Concrete mixers and pumps operators are to have sufficient information about control and operation systems;

- The operators are to be informed about the risks and dangers they may face on the territories not suitable for the concrete pouring;

- The operators are to be informed about the consequences of possible losses during the transportation and preventive measures related to them;

- The lighting of the concrete mixers, pumps and vehicles for transporting the concrete are to be provided accordingly;

- The pump operators are to be instructed to prevent electrical accidents that they may regularly face and that occur when the pump pipe hits electrical wiring;

- There must be certain remote control devices during the work around and in conditions of high- voltage power lines.

Crystal Beton is responsible for all the safety measures listed above and instructs the staff in advance about dangerous situations that are able to arise during the works.


NOTE: Please, place a photo of the workers outdoors.


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