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Concrete production

Concrete production


Striving for high standards in the concrete production, Crystal Beton applies modern technological innovations in the construction sector of the country providing thereby high- quality and durable concrete for the construction projects implemented in Baku city and Absheron region.

The production process at our concrete production plants is carried out in completely automated manner, without the human intervention. Thanks to automated control system of Turkish production, the production of stable quality concrete grades, as well their effective transportation using the most suitable route are implemented. In case of technical malfunction at one of the enterprises during the concrete transportation, the production process continues at our other concrete production enterprises.

Crystal Beton has a large number of updated transmixers and pumps necessary for continuous transportation of the concrete without any interruption.

In order to improve the composition of the concrete and concrete mix, chemical additives are used in the production of the concrete mix. Thanks to these additives, it becomes possible to give desired properties to the concrete mix.

Depending on the orders of our customers, our concrete production plants produce the concrete grades of different destination and brands.

1. Solid concrete

2. Commercial concrete

3. Coloured concrete

4. Sprayed concrete

5. Self-levelling concrete

6. Fibre concrete



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