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Quality control




- Depends on the water/ cement ratio;

- Marked as M 100 ; M 150 ; M 200..M 550, etc.




- Mainly depends on the amount of the water;

- Depends on the amount of the additive;

- Depends on the size modulus (SM) of the filler;

- Divided into the grades (S1; S2 ; S3; S4; S5);

- There are certain cone slumps related to each class (S4 = 16 – 21).




Marked as W2 ; W4 ; W6.


Sulphate resistance


They are divided into 2 degrees:

- average sulphate resistance;

- high sulphate resistance;


The sulphate resistance degree is determined by the "sulphate ions" that present in the groundwater or in the soil itself (dry soil).

CaSO4, Na2 SO4; - SO4 – this is the part that destroys the concrete. (SO4)


Frost resistance


Marked as "F".


In order to increase the frost resistance:

- the concrete is to be very dense;

- it is to absorb a minimum water amount;

- the amount of the cement is to be large;

- the concrete is to have closed micropores (thanks to special additives).



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